Dear Cigar Smokers,

We are conducting an important survey on cigar consumption in China and your views and opinions are extremely important to us. This survey, the first of its kind for a decade, is being conducted around the world.

Please spare us a moment to answer some questions. The survey will only take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete and any information you share with us will be kept completely confidential and no personal details will be passed to any third parties.

The survey is being conducted by Vision One Research ( which is a registered member and Company Partner of the UK Market Research Society (MRS). If you would like to check our authenticity you can contact the MRS by calling freephone +44 500 39 69 99 or visiting

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本调查由 VISION ONE RESERACH ( 主办。VISION ONE RESEARCH 是 UK MARKET RESEARCH SOCIETY (MRS) 的注册会员兼伙伴公司。假如您对VISION ONE RESEARCH 的可靠性有任何质疑,请致电 +44 500 39 69 99 或访问

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